Execwait error code

We recommend using the PA. and, in fact, no longer create new launchers ourselves. as PAL already has this functionality built in. Along with lots of other features. Warning: The / REBOOTOK switch requires administrator rights on Windows NT and later. i am passing integer 1 as success and integer 2 as failure, but when i I execute above ExecWait code, I am always getting 0 as its value. Can u please tel me how should I send return value in application ( C+ + code) – user12 ' 12 at 17: 13. Retrieved from sourceforge. net/ mediawiki/ index. title= Reference/ ExecWait& oldid= 21281". Is this is an installer for the LabView program itself or just an application built by LabView? If it is the actual LabView 8.

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    Execwait code error

    1, then you' ll need to include the entire contents of the installation folder as is for the path. Only a MouseHelmet will save you from a MouseTrap" - Jason Ross ( Me) NSIS 3 POSIX Ninja Wiki Profile. cinvoice 31st July 12: 59 UTC. execwait problems Hello everyone! A bit of a problem appeared when using ExecWait Here' s a piece of my NSIS script: ClearErrors. The following is for NSIS installations that need DirectX and you assume the user to be connected to the Internet. While this isn' t completely full- proof, it' s better than adding over 100mb to your install file. title= Reference/ Exec& oldid= 21279". If nsExec is unable to execute the process, it will return " error" on the top of the stack, if the process timed out it will return " timeout", else it will return the return code from the. I' ve already changed pilot for x64, and the code is just the same as x86' s version. I had searched several times, but nothing about my situation really. So, I ask you finally.

    I upgraded to Windows 10 the first day we could. Every since I' ve been getting NSIS errors on load up. I' m not sure what is causing or even what program might be causing it. Hi Peter, gradle build hangs with this startweblogic task. I wander how it can be returned and move to next task to execute when weblogic successfully started in the same git bash window? You can close or exit any program by using this code. This code won' t work with all programs, but it will with most of them. If the code doesn' t work as it is written here, try uncommenting the ' SendMessage $ 0 $ { WM_ DESTROY} 0 0' and comment the ' SendMessage $ 0 $ { WM_ CLOSE} 0 0' line. I added the code you suggested and confirmed that the NSIS installer does have admin privs on the " broken" machine. I have two datapoints that exhibited this type of failure.

    On the first machine, after the NSIS- based DX install failed, we ran the same DX installer manually by double- clicking it directly. I have CheckPoint R60 That I want to remove. There are new versions that I want to install but I have the older. But I have been trouble removing and doing this. trouble installing a Windows\ System32 file to Windows\ sysWOW64 Hi Experts, I guess this is a follow- up to my question from a week or so ago - " My application' s installation does not write files to \ Windows\ System32". Compiler flags: The following commands change how the compiler generates code and compresses data. These commands are valid anywhere in the script, and effect every line below where each one is placed ( until overriden by another command). Join GitHub today. GitHub is home to over 28 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Executes the command using the specified temporary files and waits for the call to return. Before starting to code the NSIS script Before you start to code any NSIS code you need to know the full prototype of the function you are going to call. For the purposes of this example, we will use the ' CmGetHotSyncExecPath' function from the Palm ' CondMgr.

    Dizzy007 15th October 16: 07 UTC. How to get an errorlevel. Hi All, i want to start a batch- file using execwait and want to have the errorlevel back. The wrapped installers often return different exit codes. Exit codes typically say if the installation was a success or a failure. When the MSI Wrapper looks at the exit code from the wrapped installer, it expects 0 ( zero) to mean success and everything else a failure. How to set exit errorlevel code I am trying to find how to set an exit errorlevel code. I am using NSIS for automation, and would like to know via ye olde % errorlevel% whether the install finished with an eorror, and if possible different errors. Oftentimes one runs an installer that contains installers for other programs. For example, I wrote an application for a client that has a pocket PC component. As it relates to our purposes, the ERROR_ ALREADY_ EXISTS flag is returned by GetLastError( ) if a program tries to create a named mutex that already exists, ie the second time the launcher is run.

    The System: : Call. command creates this mutex, then calls GetLastError( ) and puts the value on the NSIS stack. cmgdok 6th July 20: 18 UTC. My command performs exit( 3) ( displays the dialog just prior to that but IfErrors doesn' t jump to abort_ installmon and run Abort to quit the installer. Slappy 2nd September 08: 51 UTC. There is no general explanations like " 1" means application ended prematurely or similar. Every application has custom codes, but it is a good habit to have " 0" ( zero) as success code. Hi Noel, Thank you for posting your query in Microsoft Community. However, your question is beyond the scope of what is typically answered in this consumer forum and would be better suited for the IT Pro audience in MSDN. The name of the app I need to install is " Evergreen Programmer", and there is also code to check if the CPU is 32- or 64- bit. ) I don' t like the way Abort makes the GUI look, though ( the user has to click Cancel) :. The whole command passed to ExecWait should be enclosed in ' ' if it contains spaces.

    The parameters inside your parameters, need to be enclosed in " " if they contain spaces. You can see a perfect example of how to do it correctly in your first call to ExecWait. Bugs item # 1592224, was opened at: 34 Message generated for change ( Settings changed) made by kichik You can respond by visiting: net.