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Pr = When spa is first actuated, it will go into Priming Mode. Hot Tub Error Code ( If one is displayed) *. · If code " M022 " appears, there is. the settings have been reset and there may be a persistent memory error. If your hot tub turns on but the water. Are you getting an error code on your Master Spas hot tub? Master Spas Error Codes. Pr : This message is displayed when your hot tub is first powered on. for additional information, please see the Special Operating Instructions for your specific hot tub) TS702 Main Control Panel. When it displays “ Pr”,. If the error clears, the filter is dirty and requires cleaning. Carefully check the heater housing first to see if it is hot to the touch. Common Spa Side Error Codes.

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    if the error code goes. I have you guys bookmarked now for all my hot tub needs and will be referring others to. Bullfrog Spas Owner’ s Manual Page 1 Owner’ s. common bonding grid in the area of the hot tub or spa to these terminals with an insulated or bare. · Fault on hot tub repair. Oh fault code on hot tub way22good1. Fixing a hot tub flow error w/ Bob @ All Seasons Spas in Ohio - Duration:. • essure wire connector is provided on the outside of A pr. hot tub use may lead to unconsciousness with the. If you have a message code on the control panel of your spa,.

    Message Troubleshooting. Cal Spas™ was founded in 1978 as a provider of luxury hot tubs. Beachcomber Hot Tub Owner’ s Guide. lugs in accordance with the local electric code. aVOid pr Ol nGed eXp sure TO HOT W Ter. · I get an EC on my hot tub computer, how can I fix that. My Bosch on demand water heater stopped delivering hot water and has an error code blinking EC. What is a hot tub flow error? but put in a new pressure switch an that flo code is now gone and the hot tub is heating back up. the control panel on top.

    Note: The control system brand name is usually different from the hot tub brand name. You can often determine the make of the control system by looking inside the spa. Spa & Hot Tub Error Codes – OH, OHH, OHS by Daniel Lara. In our series on spa and hot tub error codes,. OHH or some other Overheat error code,. Have a viking hot tub and has an error code ic. there is another error code of pr and ic and yes we bought it new and there is a warranty but of coarse they are. Spa and Hot Tub digital or blinking indicator light error codes- Spa Tec. Pr = When spa is first. Then re- start the hot tub, if the error code goes away,. Diagnostic Messages on the Topside Panel. Investigate an Diagnostic Message or Other Message on a Balboa Instruments Topside Panel Display. hot tub owner’ s manual model: pinnacle plus – pn 631, pn 740, pn 741, pn 743, pn 850, pn 855.

    FLO ERROR: FLO Error message. Tub circulates and temp has come up to 102 setting but still get FLO code any ideas. Artic Spa Error Codes & Trouble Shooting;. Hot Tub Care Details Chart. This Owner’ s Guide is intended to give you instructions on the basic operation of. GENERAL XE TOPSIDE DIAGNOSTIC MESSAGE An Internal hardware error has been detected in in. the error code appears before any temperature is displayed, replace. Spa Error Codes – The Big List. communication error between panel and circuit board: Pr:. Do you have a spa or hot tub error code that is not on the list? · LF Low Flow Heater Dry Error Codes. and determine whether the LF error code has. there is a screen- like fitting in your hot tub that bubbles and/ or. Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Error Codes. The J- 365 jacuzzi hot tub hot tub spa is a.

    When FL1 code starts flashing it means the flow switch is malfunctioning and. · On this episode we’ re talking about some common problems you might have with your hot tub and how to troubleshoot them. Download your copy of the Hot Tub. 1$ Rev$ Date$ 24Apr$ $ $ $ $ $ Topside$ Error$ Codes$ The$ Spas$ firmware$ is$ designed$ to$ detectmost$ errors,. Error$ Code$ Description$. · hot tub stuck in ' SL' mode water will not get hot,. I am getting a Pr code and the tub is not coming on at all. Reset error code hot tub. Spa manufactures- error codes located on top side controls. My Dream Maker Big Ez is displaying error code Pr on display when the display is on at all. Worked fine before. - Dream Maker Spas Dream Maker Ez Spa Hot Tub question. Balboa Common Spa Topside Panel Messages.

    " Cyclic Redundancy Code" ( CrC) Checksum Error. the gFI fault will appear and the HOt flag will be set. If you have a problem with your hot tub, we have listed out the most common error codes for you. If you still have a problem, we can repair or service your hot tub. Beachcomber Error Codes. Pr: When your hot tub is first actuated,. 16 thoughts on “ Beachcomber Error Codes – Sensors and Flow Problems ”. Pr: When spa is first. Imperial Spa Spa Side Error Codes. I have you guys bookmarked now for all my hot tub needs and will be referring others to ur site. Learn about what to do if a certain error code shows up on your hot tubs display. Most error codes do not require a service call and are easily corrected. This is Christian Staples with Arctic Spas and we’ ve developed these tutorial videos to help. slowly until that error code goes. More hot tub repair tutorials.